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An exact square and the 6 degree midpoint of the Gemini planets tighten the configuration. Orbs average about 3 degrees. Orbs average about 5 degrees. Orbs are not close, but the focal planet conjunction gives added weight to the configuration. A planet occurs in the sign opposite the focal planet, but is not even within 20 degrees of squaring or opposing any planets in th e t-square. A planet occurs in the sign opposite the focal planet, and weakly squares a planet in the t-square.

This configuration is a combination weak t-square and weak grand cross. A weak t-square.

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Techniqually, most of the orbs are too wide. The focal planet is in a mutable rather than a cardinal sign. A very weak t-square. The opposition squares the ascendant and descendant. This configuration would function alternately as a weak t-square and as a weak grand cross. Because it provides its own source of motivation, it indicates the potential for considerable achievement. The sign and house opposite the focal planet, in the area frequently referred to as the empty space, indicate the gaps or deficiencies in his personal development—qualities and areas of life which, if developed, can enable him to express his focal planet in a moderate, balanced and constructive manner.

Sometimes, a person with a t-square escapes from the problems generated by the focal planet by overemphasizing the sign and house of the empty space. Considerations When interpreting the t-square, all of the following should be considered: 1 The mode or quadruplicity of the t-square.

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You can use the whole sign house ruled by the Sun or Moon in the blueprint sentence. Planets in Earth must discover the truth of the spiritual within the world of form. Truth, on the other hand, is objective. It explores global baking, too: Nordic ruis, New Orleans beignets, Afghan snowshoe naan. Being symbolic, Moon has all its quality in the Cancer born natives. This is an important consideration in predictive astrology, but it has little practical value in a natal chart interpretation. This why he square aspect incaled a Mars aspect With 3 spt, dificalies canbe semouneed and effore can be enerated.

Is it cardinal, fixed or mutable? Are all of its planets in the same mode? The mode of the configuration describes how its energy is experienced and expressed. Cardinal t-squares are the most dynamic, active and crisis-oriented; fixed t-squares are the most powerful, determined and self-willed; mutable t-squares are the most restless, scattered and changeable.

These houses will also experience the tension and motivation generated by the t-square.

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The focal planet may be the most dominant planet in the chart, and the source of a large percentage of an individual's energy. It must be used, and used wisely. A secret of using the t-square effectively is to learn to express the focal planet in a positive manner rather than be driven by its tension to compulsive activity, excess and over compensation.

Each of these planets contributes to the expression of the focal planet, interfering with its functioning or spurring it to express itself in a more beneficial manner. How compatible are the planets involved in each aspect? How close, and therefore how strong is the aspect? The closest of these aspects indicates the greatest stress experienced by the t-square, as well as the means for alleviating that stress.

If there are two focal planets in conjunction, the empty degree will be their far midpoint. The Sabian Symbol for the degree of the empty space is often a key to the quality, which most needs to be developed. Since that sign is already expressed indirectly in the house of its ruler, its influence can be applied to other areas of the chart, particularly to the empty house. These trines and sextiles can provide constructive channels of expression for the energy released by the t-square, or can serve as a means of escaping from the conflict.

Astrology s Mirror: Full-Phase Aspects

The closest trine or sextile is likely to be an alchemical agent, providing a means for transmuting the unfocused energy of the t-square into creative, productive action. These deserve special attention, and should be considered at length. Mode People with cardinal t-squares are the most active of all t-square types, and the most inclined to plunge into crises situations related to their personal activities, home and family life, love relationships or professional commitments. Inclined to go after what they want unless Aries occupies their empty space , they involve themselves totally in the problems of their existence, thriving upon excitement and challenge.

Often Aries-like, unless the focal planet is in Libra, they need to cultivate the positive Libran qualities—balance, moderation, awareness of other people, perspective, and the ability to evaluate and compromise. People with fixed t-squares display considerable strength of will, concentrated power and determination, particularly in regard to satisfying their own desires. They build up their energy slowly and then release it in a powerful manner, like a truck climbing a steep hill and then speeding down the other side.

People with mutable t-squares are usually over-adaptable, changeable, restless, versatile and very much concerned with and influenced by ideas and personal relationships. Because they adapt themselves so easily to their changing circumstances, they often seem vacillating and weak- willed.

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Squares and Oppositions Every t-square consists of at least two squares. These squares, like all squares, indicate internal tension resulting from two parts of oneself that clash, and which creates a frustration that can only be resolved by action. When interpreting either a square or an opposition, the nature of the planets and their compatibility, the nature of the signs, and the exactness of the aspect all must be taken into consideration. An applying aspect is usually stronger than a separating aspect particularly if it involves only outer planets because it is likely, at some point in one's life, to become exact by progression.

Oppositions are generally more complex than squares. Since both planets in a t-square opposition exert their pressure upon the focal planet, the meaning of the opposition should be considered at length.

An opposition, like the t-square as a whole, denotes an imbalance. Two parts of oneself, indicated by the planets, signs and houses involved in the opposition, are not simply clashing; they are pulling oneself in two entirely different directions. Because he equally accepts both parts of himself and does not know how to integrate them, he may be unable to make a decision and act. One part may gain control for a minute, an hour, a day or even a year before the balance shifts and the other part takes over.

This inability to experience both sides of himself may result in feelings of alienation from other people. With them, he can overtly enact the battle that is actually taking place within his own psyche. When a person satisfies the former at the expense of the latter, he may feel in control but his life may seem empty or meaningless; when he satisfies the latter at the expense of the former, he may experience emotional satisfaction, but he is also likely to feel anxious and out of control.

If one polarity of the opposition is related by planet or sign to one's twelfth house, it is usually viewed negatively. An opposition does not have to function in a detrimental manner. This accomplishment can be expressed not only through the house in which the planet is positioned and the house or houses that it rules in the chart, but also in every area of life, particularly career and personal relationships.

However, this talent or skill is often developed and expressed in an extreme manner, at the expense of other areas of the personality, particularly the area indicated by the empty space. Unless the focal planet is able to recognize and incorporate within itself the awareness of this empty sign and house, as well as the awareness of the needs of the other planets in the t-square and in the rest of the chart, it is not likely to bring full satisfaction.

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A virtue, when carried to an extreme, usually becomes a vice. Overdevelopment of Neptunian inspiration and spirituality can lead to impracticality and chaos which prevent one from functioning effectively in the material world. It is likely to be especially strong, and probably the most dominant planet in a chart if it is one or more of the following: i in its own sign, 2 in its own house, 3 closely conjunct an angle, 4 stationary, or 5 the midpoint within one degree of the two planets in opposition.

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shown in what professional astrologers consider the sixteen most popular aspects between planets. And each of these sixteen aspects include an Astro*​Image. PLANETARY ASPECTS an astrological Guide to MANAGING YOUR T-SQUARE TRACY MARKS OTHER BOOKS BY TRACY MARKS PUBLISHED BY IBIS.

When interpreting a focal planet, its sign, its house, and the house or houses which it rules in the natal chart must all he taken into consideration. The house indicates the area of life that it most frequently influences. The expression of the focal planet also influences the house or houses that it rules in the natal chart, particularly if that house is devoid of planets.

Aspects in Astrology: the Key to Understanding Your Natal Chart

Frequently, when people are able to work out the many problems they experience in the focal house of the chart, they begin to experience considerable stress in the house or houses ruled by the focal planet; they then must turn their attention to this area of life until they resolve the problems manifested there. When a planet is retrograde natally, it indicates energy that is turned inward, that is often not expressed outwardly until late in life when and if that planet turns direct by progression , and which may manifest on a subconscious level, creating psychological or physical problems that are difficult to diagnose and overcome.

The years during which a focal planet is stationary by progression are frequently the most significant years of a person's life, because of the transformation, which occurs in the expression of this planet. Mercury in Sagittarius, for example, is the focal planet and also the ruler of the empty sign of Gemini.

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A focal planet can be expressed in an extremely negative or positive manner. The next chapter, which interprets each focal planet position, describes these negative and positive manifestations. With little understanding of this sign or house, he or she is stumped when trying to develop this quality or area of life.